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Bonus final ski day Tuesday!

Our south facing trail connector between the Green ski loop and Blue-black trail did not melt out today (above photo taken this evening), so we will re-groom the skate lane one final time Tuesday morning. It should be nice skate skiing by opening time (8am), but we won't be able to set new classic tracks, so they will be icy first thing, but should soften up around or a bit after 9 am. There are spots where the classic tracks are still very nice, but other spots where it has gotten thin or melted out completely, so please use caution. And the connector will melt out tomorrow, but feel free to remove your skis and walk on the grass at the side if you want to ski the other trail.

Rental reservations can be made online this evening, and we won't be closing trails early despite the expected warm temperatures since it is our final day (but keep in mind that the trail is likely to melt out or get very thin as the day progresses).

Unless you were skiing with us our first year of operation (2015-16), this is the most local ski days we've had at Woodmoor since then--hope you can get out there and enjoy the final day!

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