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Last weekend/week for local skiing!

Our snowmobiles head to the shop for their annual tune-ups later next week, and most of our volunteers will be out of town for their kid's spring break starting next weekend, so I'm glad to be ending the local season with some good snow!

We made an attempt today at starting to groom the Blue loop, but the snow is so deep, and with no preparation mid-storm (as we did with the Green and Blue-black trails), virtually impossible to groom without constantly getting the snowmobiles stuck. We do have just under 5K groomed between the Green loop and an out-and-back on the Blue-black loop though, and it skied nice today and should be even better for the weekend as it firms up more.

The majority of our rental gear has been reserved for the weekend, so unless you are looking for rental gear on the small size (youth/small adult, 120 pounds or less), we won't have rental equipment left in your size. But you are welcome to rent elsewhere (Mountain Chalet?) and still come up and ski. I think the snow will hold up until at least Monday morning, possibly Tuesday morning, but we may be closing the trails around noon on those days if it is getting too warm. Hope to see you on the trails!

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