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Open Tuesday, but likely variable conditions initially due to wind drifting snow

The above picture depicts the extreme conditions we are dealing with as a result of this last storm; 1-2+ foot drifts in spots, and nearly bare grass in others. As a result, it will take a lot of time today (and likely we will still be working on the trails tomorrow and beyond) to move snow for adequate coverage, and many spots on the trail will still be thin thanks to the extreme wind. Basically, we are having to shovel snow by hand before grooming to even out the coverage in dozens of spots-- (something the bigger Nordic resorts will $100K piston bullies with a 'snow plow blade' on front don't have to deal with):

The good news is that we got a lot of snow, and with the colder predicted temps, should be open for a while, and should be able to set classic tracks in many spots with sufficient snow depth.

We are still working on opening up our mid-week rental reservations online, and I know many folks are interested in lessons as well. Please keep in mind that we have to get the trails fully groomed and skiable first (sometimes a multi-day effort after a storm like this) before we can offer up rentals or lessons. Plus, all of us are volunteers with jobs and families, so coordinating those other items in addition to all the trail work requires time off our normal jobs. I expect we'll have rentals available from roughly 9-11ish the next several mornings, and the website should reflect this soon. I will also be sending out a group email for those of you that have been in contact with me about ski lessons, but we want to make sure the trails are in great shape first.

Thanks for supporting local skiing!

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