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Temporary closure, pending more snow

Although this mornings skiing--extended due to the morning cloud cover--was ok for more experienced skiers after Dave groomed (good in spots, marginal in spots), it was downright treacherous before hand due to the extensive deep, icy ruts (which we were only able to partly remove with grooming), and certainly not ideal for newer/beginner skiers. Additionally, it was too warm for our grooming snowmobile, which prevented us from re-grooming the black loop for fear of the snowmobile overheating. Once the sun broke through the clouds after lunch, it became very warm, and it isn't supposed to get below freezing tonight, so even though we have good snow coverage on the majority of the trails, we will need to close them to the public for safety reasons.

I will re-asses the trails early in the morning, and if I am able to regroom, a few of the trails could still be open for experienced skiers only who are also Woodmoor Nordic Members (season pass holders) or Country Club members--likely just the green, green-blue, and blue-black, and I'll provide a quick update in the morning--but conditions are likely to not be great. It is very possible I won't be able to regroom at all given the temperatures, in which case trails would be closed to all for safety. I have certainly skied, and even raced on much worse trails than what we had today (3-foot wide strips of snow complete with sprinkled gravel that was trucked in from parking lot plow piles, or--a specialty in MN, moving the race course onto frozen lakes with a light dusting of snow, but basically ski racing on a bumpy, giant ice rink), but this isn't something someone should pay to do with a day trail pass.

We do have colder temperatures coming in later this week and weekend, and currently 3-8" of snow predicted starting Friday night through Sunday. If we get 3 or more inches, we should be able to re-open the trails for skiing either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Think snow!

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