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Trails will be open tomorrow!

My volunteer groomers and I have been out working on the trails since a little after 6 am this morning, and we should have all the trails freshly groomed and open for Thursday. I think we ended up with closer to 6-8" of new snow (not the 12" I had hoped for), but it is still lightly snowing and blowing up here, so we are hoping to catch a bit more snow overnight in our 'deep corduroy' rolled trails before doing our final trail groom and setting classic tracks in the morning.

I expect all trails will be open, but the black loop will still be one-way. It will still have some thin spots, and one hill was a sheet of ice that made grooming difficult this morning after the snowmobile lost traction, slid backwards, and jack-knifed our roller (photo). We also moved a lot of snow to many of the spots that tend to get thin--hopefully the snow will continue to drift around these sections, but it may be a bit lumpy in those spots until it gets more groomed in. Hopefully we'll get at least a week or two of local skiing out of this fresh snow--see you on the trails!

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