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10% off Woodmoor Nordic memberships/season pass

Our Board of Directors met earlier this week and voted to sell our Woodmoor Nordic 2022-'23 memberships, which includes a complimentary season ski pass, at a 10% discount ($117 vs. $130 for an individual, $198 vs. $220 for a family) from now until the end of September. These can be purchased on this website by choosing the membership you want and completing the required liability form. Your membership/season pass will be mailed to you this fall. Below is a draft copy of the plastic membership/season pass cards we are preparing to order. With this, you do not need to check in each time you ski--just park and hit the ski trails (with your membership pass visible)!

Given the recent inflation and increased cost for fuel, it is likely that the day-pass rate charged by the Country Club at Woodmoor's Fitness Center will increase to $18-20/day, making our membership/season passes even more reasonable (in addition to being tax deductible).

It is impossible to predict our front range winter weather, but hopefully we will have a snowier start to winter this year, allowing us to start grooming the ski trails in late November or early December. Think snow!

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