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2 of our 5 ski trails groomed and open!

Despite the Country Club being closed yesterday and until 11am today, and multiple stuck vehicles (trucks and snowmobiles), our nonprofit volunteers were able to pack down and groom-in both our Green Ski loop and our Blue-Black trail. The Blue-Black trail currently dead-ends at our ungroomed Blue loop--which we might be able to groom and open for the weekend, but for now we groomed in a small loop connector back onto itself. That is almost 5k of groomed, tracked local ski trails to enjoy before we close for the season later next week when all of this snow melts!

The only groomed access to these trails currently is from across the upper parking lot (off the Woodmoor Dr. Club entry road) by the 'Green circle' ski loop sign, as the closer connector was too drifted and deep to risk getting a snowmobile stuck or flipped.

Ski rentals can be reserved online, (or rented offsite), and walk-in rentals will be available this weekend until we run out of gear, so best to arrive in the morning to ski--when conditions will be the best anyways.

We hope you can join us with all this fresh snow to ski locally before our local season is done--this is our ninth winter of grooming, and our 31st to (hopefully) 35th day of local skiing this winter!

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