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Chance for a little bit of snow tonight, again later next week

Unfortunately, the ski trails only got a light dusting of snow out of the last storm, so I'm hoping next week's storm develops enough to give us the 3+ inches we'll need to reopen the ski trails. Much of the trails would have been skiable today with the little bit of fresh snow we got (about an inch), but we couldn't groom the new snow in without potentially damaging the golf course in the several spots along the trails where the snow melted out completely.

We are heading into our snowiest, and typically last month for local skiing. Although the March snowstorms tend to bring a lot of snow, if we don't have a sustained period of colder days after the storm, it also melts more quickly--often making any long days of volunteer grooming and fuel expenditure unworthwhile. We've gotten 26 days of local skiing this winter thus far, and I'd love to bring that up into the thirties--think snow!

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