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Fresh snow ‘rolled-in’ for re-grooming in the morning

We moved a bunch of snow this morning before the snowstorm started, hoping it would help drift and fill in some of the thinner spots. We only picked up ~ 1-2 inches, and all of that was rolled this afternoon, leaving deep corduroy that will hopefully catch more snow overnight with the wind. Still some hardy souls out there skiing today despite the fresh snow!

We will re-groom all trails and set new classic tracks (where the snow is deep enough) in the morning, but probably won't have everything fully groomed until after 9am given the extremely cold expected temperatures tomorrow morning. I will update trail conditions mid- morning, but I expect all trails should be open, with the blue loop still having some thin spots on the downhills that would warrant caution.

We have a warming trend next week, so we will see how well the trails hold up. It's likely a few of the thinner spots might melt out, but I expect we'll be able to keep most of our trails open. Think snow!

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