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Freshly groomed, but likely an early closure Friday

We had our second, free 'kids learn to ski' session yesterday after school this year--lots of happy faces! Also, I've just learned that a few of the email links on our new website aren't working, but we hope to fix them asap, so if you've tried to contact us about ski lessons or these non-profit events, I apologize....

The little bit of new snow we picked up yesterday (around lunch, and again in the afternoon) will be groomed in this morning, and has helped a bit with our classic tracks. The small amounts of new snow we've been getting is great, but we really need 4-6 more inches (without much wind) to 'shore up' the thin grassy spots that will start to develop, and to set new, better classic tracks.

Based on current weather predictions, it's likely we will temporarily close the ski trails at noon on Friday (27 Jan; no trail passes sold after 11am?) to preserve the ski trails trails and prevent them from getting rutted and icy--something our grooming equipment can't fix.

Assuming we don't warm up too much and trails don't deteriorate, we'd plan to reopen Saturday morning. This weekend should bring colder temperatures and a chance for more snow though, so hopefully we can keep our local skiing going through most of February and into March. Think snow!

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