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Ground-Hog Day

Thanks to today's cloud cover, our snow held up better than expected, and we didn't have to close the trails at noon as planned. Although Sunday is supposed to be colder, if it is sunny the trails will deteriorate more quickly, so we again plan to close the trails at noon tomorrow (but it could be later).

90+% of the trails still have great coverage, but there are spots where we are either back to patches of grass, or some icy spots. We have groomed 'detours' around these spots wherever possible, and others can be avoided fairly easily (see photos taken this afternoon).

It won't be the pristine trail conditions you'd find at one of the nearby mountain ski resorts, but as one happy new Woodmoor Nordic skier stated today: 'at the few thin/icy spots, I just remind myself that I'm only 7 minutes from home and paid only $20 to ski!'

Monday and Tuesday are expected to be warm (50+ degrees), so I'm sure we'll be temporarily closed, waiting to see what we might get out of Wednesday's predicted storm. Think snow!

Upper blue loop:

Blue loop 'thin spot' where it connects to the blue-black trail:

Green loop (in a 'good spot'):

Green loop (One of the bad spots where we created a 'detour' bypass to avoid):

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