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Last chance for local skiing this winter?

Despite our warmer February weather and earlier than normal trail 'melt-out', it looks like we will get one more chance for some local skiing this weekend. Assuming the inbound snowstorm delivers as promised, we hope to be rolling and grooming the trails on Thursday mid-storm, and again Friday morning, so that we can open at some point Friday and through the weekend. Rentals would be available (via reservation Friday, although the roads may not be passable without four wheel drive) through the weekend, at least in the mornings.

Likely only a couple trails will be groomed and open--currently thinking our Green loop and Blue-black connector, and possibly the Blue loop. The big challenge with these typical spring storms is the sheer amount of snow and drifting that typically occurs, and even getting to the golf course can be a challenge, as the plows often can't keep up with the snowfall on the local roads. I fully expect the Country Club to be closed on Thursday, and possibly having a delayed opening Friday for safety. However, unless things change, we hope to have one more round of local skiing starting Friday and through this weekend, and perhaps early into next week before closing for the season. Please check back on our website for additional updates and think snow!

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