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Mostly grass…

We are back to mostly grass on the golf course, and our typical wetter/snowier March weather has failed to materialize thus far:

There is a chance for 1-2" of snow this weekend, but we are expected to return to temperatures in the 50s and 60s next week. Given this, we are starting to schedule our end-of-season maintenance and tune-ups on our grooming equipment, and will likely have to vacate the rental shop towards the end of the month as the country club prepares for golf. It is looking unlikely that we'll get enough snow, followed by the required extended colder temperatures, to be able to groom and reopen the ski trails again this winter.

Despite only getting 75% of our average local snowfall this winter, I'm happy with the 26 days of local skiing we got, which was enough to not only cover our grooming costs this winter, but to also set aside some funds for the future purchase of a new tracksetter/groomer (more on this later). While things could certainly change, I fear our local ski season is over, and hopefully next winter will see a return to more average snow levels and an earlier start. Thanks for supporting your local nonprofit Nordic center!

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