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Not what we hoped for, but doing our best to re-open

We only woke up to 1-2" of snow this morning--a far cry from the prediction. Additionally, the storm came in with a lot of wind, so parts of the golf course are still bare grass with snow drifting elsewhere. We have rolled all the trails this morning in hopes of the 'deep corduroy' filling in with wind-blown snow and the snow that's still coming down, and we will go out again this afternoon to re-roll the trails. We've also shoveled and moved snow to some of the thin areas, but after the past couple warm days, there are a lot of thin areas!

I think we'll be able to at least open the green and green-blue loops tomorrow (Thursday), but we won't know for sure until later today. There currently are downhills on the blue, blue-black, and black trails that that are thin enough (with gravel or asphalt underneath vs. grass) that won't be safe for skiing unless we get more snow base....

Look for another post later tonight concerning Thursday skiing. Also a chance for more snow Friday, fingers crossed.

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