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Saturday morning skiing—members only

Our fresh snow overnight, and the cold temperatures today made for some nice skiing today. There are a few spots that have melted back to grass or will tomorrow, and parts of the classic tracks have also melted out, and that will prevent us from re-grooming the trails tonight. However, I think the skiing will still be very good (for local conditions) Saturday morning until about 1030 or 11 AM. The Country Club At Woodmoor will not be selling day passes, nor will our rental shop be open, but the trails will be open to Woodmoor Nordic members and country club members for those who want one more day of local skiing before we temporarily close, awaiting more snow. If you do join us on the ski trails tomorrow morning, keep in mind that both the blue and black trails have the most thin, unprotected downhills that could get dangerous as the snow continues to melts out. The green, green-blue and blue-black trails are the safer 3 to be skiing tomorrow--especially later in the morning, given the thin conditions and warming temperatures.

Hopefully more snow next week!

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