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Season passes in the mail!

The Woodmoor Nordic Nonprofit membership cards/season passes went into the mail today for everyone we had a mailing address for. If you don't receive it by this weekend, please email us at If you haven't purchased your season pass, it isn't too late to get one before the snow starts flying!

The Mountain Chalet ski-season kick-off last weekend gave us lots of much-needed local advertising; we hope to have a second event at Mountain Chalet in November.

Our nonprofit will be be featured this year in the Colorado Gives Day (, and hopefully will result in some additional donations to help us pay for our new TiddTech trail groomer, plus add to our rental fleet and further support our free 'kid's learn to ski' programs.

Being an El Niño winter, we should get more abundant snowfall along the front range, although warmer dry spells (such as we have this week) typically occur. All it will take is a couple of good snow storms in late November or early December to set us up for another 4-month local ski season like we had in 2015-16. Think snow!

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