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Skate lane regroom Monday am

We had a lot of folks out on the trail today, and practically our entire rental fleet! The trails held up pretty well, although now that our days are getting longer and the sun is higher in the sky, we had a bit more melting than we'd like. A few thin spots are starting to develop, and we've made the black loop a 'one-way' trail (starting from the blue loop), so the few thin spots on that trail that may melt out will be on the uphill versus downhill. Please don't enter the black trail from the 'trail closed, one way' sign for your own safety! The green-blue loop is currently in the best shape, followed by the green, blue, and blue-black trails.

I'm hopeful that we can keep the majority of the trails groomed and open at least until Wednesday or Thursday morning, but we'll see what the weather does. We will have some warmer afternoons, so please plan to ski in the am, while the trails are still cold and firm, and avoid the trails in the afternoon when they become soft--especially the skate skiers! That will help us best preserve the trail and continue to maximize our number of days of local skiing. We have a couple chances for a little bit of snow in the next week, but nothing big predicted as of now.

Thanks for supporting our local nonprofit ski area!

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