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Soft opening, green and green-blue loops only

The green and green-blue loops will be open for skiing today starting at noon--currently for Woodmoor Nordic Members and Country club members ONLY. Trails are only rolled and will be soft--no corduroy or classic tracks yet. Either classic or skate should be ok. It is early season/rock-ski conditions, and you will bottom out on the unprotected gravel and asphalt cart path crossings (only a few of those on the 2 open ski loops). I recommend only experienced skiers/skiers who know the trails and where the grass is (and isn't) think about coming out. Beginners/others should wait until we get more snow.

I have not been able to verify that the Country Club at Woodmoor is prepared to sell their daily trail passes yet; if this changes I will update the post. Also, no rentals will be available today as we haven't set up the rental shop yet (tomorrow).

The blue, blue-black, and black trails have been rolled, but will remain CLOSED for safety reasons pending more snow. Too many thin, unprotected gravel spots on the various downhills, and we don't want anyone getting hurt.

We may also be open Sunday morning, but likely will have to wait for the next storm to fully groom and open more trails.

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