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Temporarily CLOSED pending more snow

Today was day 30 of local skiing--putting us on track for our second best season ever. We also had our 3rd lesson of the week this morning, and trails were very nice until it started to warm up too much. Unfortunately, although the majority of the trails still have good snow coverage, we have enough thin and melted out spots that we can no longer safely regroom the trails without risking damage to the underlying golf course. (Our shoveling the past 2 mornings can only take us so far with warm afternoons like today ;-)

There is a chance for more snow tomorrow afternoon/night, but the expected snowfall amounts are varying, so we'll just have to wait and see what we get. We'll need several inches to sufficiently cover up the bare spots and be able to regroom/reopen. Next week is looking warm and dry, but hopefully that will change soon and we'll be able to squeeze in several more days and weekends for local skiing. Although the days are getting longer, March is typically one of our snowiest months. Think snow!

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