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Thin (grassy) in spots, but most of the trails opening Thursday (19 Jan)

We expect to have all ski trails except the outer black loop open for skiing tomorrow (plus all 3 snowshoe loops). I'd guess we got between 3-6" of new snow, but with the wind, there are still some thin grassy spots (while other spots we rolled had drifts over 18" deep). We had 4 volunteer board members out there moving snow, and continually rolling the snow as it fell (and before it blew away) throughout the day--easily more than 100 miles of trail rolling with the numerous multiple trail laps. We will do our final grooming tomorrow morning, as it was still snowing and blowing when we finished after dark tonight. Conditions may be soft in spots for skating, but decent for either skate or freestyle.

We don't expect to be able to set classic tracks yet, but with more snow expected on Friday and later this weekend, we should be able to set tracks soon!

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Thank you for all your hard work! 

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