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Tough day on the trails—too much snow!

Although we groomed the trails this morning, it started snowing (and blowing) while Kip was grooming, and pretty much did that most of the day. The fresh snow was nice, but it made it tough to even see the trails! We also had a car 'parked' in the middle of the green loop most of the morning after a car slid (a long way) off Woodmoor Drive.

It was still lightly snowing tonight when I partially re-rolled the trails--to include our closed black trail--and we hope to regroom and set classic tracks on the majority of the trails in the morning. We also hope to open the outer black trail, but if we do, it will be ONE-WAY (starting off the blue loop), as this puts the few thin sections (with gravel underneath) on the uphills vs. downhills (much safer). This trail should only be attempted by experienced skiers until we get a bit more snow. The only other thin section on the black trail of concern is at the start, where it departs the blue trail, until it crosses the road (St. Andrews) and goes back onto the golf fairway with grass underneath.

Finally, I'm planning several group lessons ($35/person) next week, assuming there is enough interest. Right now we are looking at a ladies beginner classic lesson Monday afternoon (24 Jan) at 1 pm, and another classic beginners lesson on either Tuesday or Thursday mid-morning or early afternoon. A few folks have asked about skate lessons as well, so I'm starting to accumulate a list of those skiers interested. If you want to jpin one of these lessons, please email me directly at

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