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Trails temporarily CLOSED 30 Dec, pending more snow

Three more days of local skiing, bringing our season total to 7 days before our colder, snowier months of January and February even start! I unfortunately missed out on it due to our annual family back-country hut trip, but the 'surprise' blizzard (certainly not in the forecast) was sufficient for our two volunteer groomers who were in town during the holidays to get the trails rolled, groomed, and even staff the rental shop for a couple hours each day, resulting in lots of happy folks able to get out and ski local 27-29 Dec--thanks Dave and Kip!

As is often the case, we have several of the more sun-exposed spots that have melted back to grass, but much of the snow that has fallen will remain on the trails over the next several warming trends, and as long as we don't get too warm, we should be able to re-open again after the next good storm--and all those trail sections that don't melt out due to their more northern exposure will continue to get deeper and deeper, allowing us to soon set classic tracks on them.

There are a couple more chances for a little bit of snow over the next week and a half, and then hopefully the weather pattern will become more active for some good snowfall across the entire state (as even the mountain resorts are currently hurting for snow compared to normal). Both Kip and Dave were far too busy to get any photos of folks enjoying the trails the past 3 days, so I'll share one from our back-country ski into Janet's Cabin above Copper ski area--think snow!

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