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Where was that snow during the winter?!

More than 14" of snow locally! Too bad we didn't get this early this winter...

I'm happy to announce that Woodmoor Nordic Nonprofit was selected for a $2K grant, thanks to the generous donation and support of the Tri-Lakes Women's Club. These funds will either be used to help us purchase a new Tidd-Tech groomer this coming fall, or additional rental ski gear to better support our kid's learn-to-ski programs, and update our aging rental equipment. In order to purchase the new grooming device, we need to come up with the remaining funds for the groomer purchase, either through memberships for next season, and/or donations.

We have sold 3 discounted memberships for next winter (which includes a free season ski pass--thanks Michael, Michael, and Anne for your pre-season purchase!), and these will be mailed out later this fall. If you are interested in helping us raise the additional funds to purchase the new trail groomer, memberships/season passes for next season can be purchased at the 20% discount until 31 July 2022.

I hope some of you were able to get out and enjoy the snow before our regular summer weather returns!

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