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1 or 2 seater kid’s Ski Chariot now available to rent

Thanks to the generosity of one of our Woodmoor Nordic Nonprofit Members (and a former collegiate ski racer teammate of mine), we have a kid's sled on loan and available for rent so families can pull their younger kids on their ski outing who can't yet ski. It can fit one or two kiddos, and costs the same to rent as a pair of rental gear-$20. It can be reserved online using our rental form, just request 'Chariot' or 'kid's sled'.

We will regroom our trails tomorrow morning, as we picked up another half-inch or so of snow after grooming was finished this morning, and we have a chance for a bit more overnight. I expect we'll have nice ski conditions for the next several days, but there is a warming trend as we approach next weekend that will likely cause us to temporarily close the trails pending more snow.

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