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All trails open—blue and black for experienced skiers only until we get more snow

We got our new TiddTech groomer out for the first time today, and it worked great! We also moved some more snow to some wind-scoured sections of the green loop, and are hoping the next snowstorm (Thursday nite) will come with less wind so we have more equitable snow coverage across all the trails.

We will re-groom as needed tomorrow morning, and after some of our board members skied the blue and black trails today, we will open those final 2 trails as well--to experienced skiers only. The snow coverage is thin on some of the downhills on both the blue loop and black loop, with either asphalt or gravel (versus grass) underneath. Additionally, for safety, the black loop is only open one direction (starting from the blue loop, finishing on the blue-black, i.e. counter clockwise) to put skiers going UP the thinner hilly sections versus down them.

Hopefully we'll get more snow Thursday nite, and again Sunday, further improving conditions. Temperatures are staying cooler, so hopefully minimal snow melt by will occur. Think snow!

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