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Black trail CLOSED, more thin spots developing

The longer days are taking a toll, resulting in us having to close the black loop as it has melted out completely in a couple spots, and is now unsafe to ski. We will move some snow early tomorrow morning and attempt to regroom the remaining four ski trails, and I expect the green, green-blue, and blue-black will remain open, but we may have to temporarily close other trails in the next day or two without more snow. Additionally the trail connector to the blue and blue-black trail will likely melt out tomorrow, so care should be taken if skiing this (you may need to remove your skis and walk next to the trail to connect them).

Slight chance for a little more snow later this week, but the overall forecast is looking fairly dry. Even if we have to temporarily close, lots of the trails still have great snow coverage, so hopefully we've still got more local ski days ahead of us, once we get a a bit more snow.

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