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Blue loop closed, others open but thin in spots

Wednesday's warm weather took a small toll on the trails that had less snow coverage due to the wind. Normally, we would have closed the trails early yesterday due to the warm temperatures, but we kept them open so that we could further test our new grooming device, which appears to be doing a good job renovating the trails.

For safety we've closed the blue loop, and the other trails have a few thin spots that could get progressively worse with the continued warmer temperatures. Most of these spots have grass underneath (green, green-blue, blue-black trails), but the black trail also has several spots with either gravel or asphalt, so we will reassess it later this morning, and I suggest that only experienced skiers who have done the black trail before ski it, as the warmer temps will eventually make it potentially unsafe....

We may have to temporarily close more trails if spots melt out so much that we can't groom them, but more snow is expected next week. Today is day 17 of local skiing (10 days open in a row), and I'm hoping we have lots more local skiing to come!

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