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Delayed grooming, but softening up. Also, snowshoeing no longer allowed!

Yesterday's snowmobile incident caused some required maintenance this am, resulting in a later start to grooming. Dave is out grooming now, and is eliminating most of yesterday's frozen ruts from our late afternoon skiers. (Picture shows groomed section by classic tracks, rutted ungroomed on right).

There's no doubt our new grooming device, with enough time, and enough snow depth, could eliminate all the ruts, but as some of yesterday's ski ruts went all the way down to grass (3-4" deep in spots), we can't risk grooming that deep due to the possible damage to the golf course, as that could shut down our whole operation.

Additionally, due to extensive trail damage and potential golf course damage from snowshoers NOT following the designated snowshoe path (which is on the golf course cart paths or in the 'rough'--not on or beside the ski trails, and definitely not over the tops of the T's and greens, as the below snow-shoer did), snowshoes will no longer be allowed at Woodmoor. There are plenty of other places to snowshoe (for free) where you can walk through the deep powder with no restrictions, and again, we can't risk losing our local ski trails due to golf course damage.

Hopefully more snow this weekend--I expect we'll be closing temporarily after today or tomorrow given our warm temps. Think snow!

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