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More snow!

The snowstorm expected for tonight arrived this morning, and it snowed on and off all day. Maybe 2-3" total, although it came in with a lot of wind (again), making it tough to say for sure. During today's ski lessons we were busting through 4-6" drifts--not ideal for a lesson, but always happy for more local snow!

We will roll and pack down the fresh snow tonight, and then re-groom and set new classic tracks tomorrow morning, hopefully with all trails open, although due to the wind, a few thin spots may still exist.

Looking towards the weekend, we should have rentals available Saturday, but the club will be locking the main building (including our rental shop) due to the expected extremely cold temperatures so pipes won't freeze again. The fitness center and ski trails WILL be open, but unfortunately we won't be able to rent any ski gear Sunday or Monday, unless it is picked up Saturday afternoon (and returned Tuesday). Please email us at if you are interested in a multi day rental to ski through the weekend...

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