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Please help us maintain our ski trails

After being out of town until last night, this morning's ski on our local trails was a treat, and much better than expected for our opening storm. A big thanks to our volunteer groomers Dave and Kip for their great work!

However, a quick reminder for snowshoers that they must stick to the single snowmobile-packed trail marked by the red circles. Snowshoers should not be walking immediately next to the ski trails (as depicted in the above picture). Our groomed ski trails constantly shift to the left or right depending on snow conditions, so we need to preserve this fresh snow adjacent to the ski trails for future trail modification. Additionally, most snow shoes have metal crampons that can both damage the underlying turf and/or ski trails, ultimately jeopardizing our continued use of this private golf course for local skiing. I'll take the blame for some of this confusion as not all our snowshoe trail signs were posted before this last storm, and since I was out of town, the snowshoe loops weren't snowmobile packed immediately....

If you are out on the trails and see people walking or snowshoeing on (or adjacent to) the groomed ski trail where they aren't supposed to be, please POLITELY let them know that they are in the wrong. Our front range winters force us to be more restrictive, as we both don't have the abundant snowfall or expensive grooming equipment that can repair this sort of trail damage.

Trails will temporarily close today at noon, but our next snowstorm should arrive Sunday night, so hopefully we'll re-open with even better conditions Monday--Think snow!

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