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Reminder/trail etiquette

Just a friendly reminder that after purchasing your trail pass, the best way to get to the easiest ski is to walk back up the entry road (North of the fitness center) to access where the 'easy green circle' trail sign is posted.

The closer trail access (the blue-black trail), tends to get a lot of sun and is best saved for experienced skiers. No one should walk on the groomed ski trails--including skiers who decide to walk down the steeper trail (vs. ski it) or take their skis off mid-trail! Skiable snow is 'a precious commodity' on the front range, and when anyone walks on the trail (sinking in several inches or more), they are damaging the trail in a way that we can't repair without extensive shoveling (something our all-volunteer staff doesn't have time to do), or waiting for more snow to fill in the holes. If you must take your skis off mid trail, please do it at the trail edge and then walk on the very edge (or better yet, off) the trail.

Despite some trail damage today, we had double classic tracks set with our new groomer, and the skate lane firmed up nicely from Monday's blizzard

Hopefully more snow and colder temperatures the rest of this week--tomorrow will be day 10 of local skiing, with hopefully many more to come!

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