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Snow is holding up—but trail damage on black

Thanks to a little cloud cover and slightly cooler temperatures, the snow is holding up well and we pushed the temporary trail closure back to 2pm today. We will re-assess the trails tonight, but expect to be open Saturday as normal, possibly with a few more more thin spots that might need repair, and hopefully we'll pick up some more fresh snow tomorrow afternoon.

All the trails skied great early this morning, but a few thin spots (not grass) are developing on the outer black loop, on the uphills. That, and 3-4 people walked down the middle of the trail, damaging it some. We will be posting even more 'ski trail, no foot traffic' signs to help prevent this, but please, if you encounter anyone walking on the ski trail (there are a few snowshoe trail crossings that are legit), politely inform them that they are both trespassing and damaging the ski trail. If they are club members, they shoukd know better (would they let their kids play frisbee or have a picnic on the golf course when a golf tournament was happening?) If they aren't club members, not only are they trespassing, but they could be liable for any injury that would occur if a skier hit them our fell due to damage they caused. Plus, they probably live nearby, and I'd argue that owning a home adjacent to the only Front Range Nordic Center in a 1.5 hour radius is probably good for their home value....

Today is day 16 of local skiing--let's hope this continues!

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