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Snow is holding, with help...

We moved snow to a few thin spots on the green trail, which allowed us to groom all the trails except the black trail, which is closed due to some melted out gravel spots on a downhill. That allowed us to have a great group beginner ski lesson this morning, plus some new trail groomer training. We'll do the same thing tomorrow morning--move additional snow to the few thin spots tomorrow and regroom, in hopes of keeping the majority of our trails open for another day or two, as the majority of the trails have great snow coverage still.

The long-term forecast is not looking great; there is a slight chance of more snow Friday night, but if that doesn't happen, we'll likely have to temporarily close again, pending more snow. We typically can ski through February, and often into the middle of March--one of our snowiest months typically, but there is no 'normal' for front range snowfall! We are approaching our 30th day of local skiing--not a record by any means, but better than average I'd say. Let's hope for more snow soon!

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