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Trails are groomed, classic tracks are mediocre

Kip is finishing up the trail grooming right now. The combination of hard-packed ice or bare grass (from the previous warm-up) underneath the new snow--which came down very dry and light due to the cold temperatures, has made the classic tracks less than ideal--they aren't setting up firmly as we'd like. Classic skiing without a heavy reliance on the tracks, and skate skiing, should be good today.

There are still some thin spots due to all the wind we got with this storm. We have shoveled several tons (literally) of snow to help these areas, but others may exist. Most of these have grass underneath, but places to be cautious include: the blue-black connector on the hill just below the 'green' trail sign, and from the service road crossing to where the blue-black trail connects to the blue loop; the outer black loop where it departs the blue trail until the road crossing at St. Andrews; plus it's thin in the trees and above the final fairway before it rejoins the blue-black trail. The black trail is still one-way only.

Hopefully the wind (or our volunteers shoveling) will fill in more of the thin spots, or we pick up a bit more snow (maybe next week?) to keep us open through the weekend and beyond.

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