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Trails closing at noon Saturday

We had another busy day on the trails, and the sun took its toll in a few places. The classic tracks are getting thin or melting out at several spots, and a few thin or bare sections are starting to develop. Most of these spots have grass underneath and can easily be avoided, but the few spots on the black loop may cause that trail to be closed for safety reasons tomorrow. (We'll make the final call after re-grooming the trails early tomorrow morning).

As Saturday is supposed to be even warmer than today, we will be closing the trails around noon in an attempt to preserve the ski track for Sunday and beyond (slushy ski ruts that refreeze in overnight can't be repaired with our basic grooming equipment). I expect the skiing to still be pretty good Saturday, but Sunday will be questionable, and I wouldn't be surprised if we had to temporarily close all trails either Sunday afternoon, or at noon on Monday. If you plan to ski this weekend--Saturday morning is your best bet, and we'll have staff available until 11am to assist with walk-in rentals. It will be best to access the green or green-blue loops from the upper parking lot.

Looking towards next week, we have another chance for some snow, but it is too early to know for sure.

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