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Trails will be freshly groomed for Sunday

We had a busy day and a lot of happy local skiers today, despite the limited open terrain due to all the heavy snow. For those of you who visited us for the first time (quite a few from the many I talked with in and around the rental shop), be sure to check us out when we have all 5 trails open!

We will re-groom both trails before tomorrow's 8am opening, and hopefully it will have firmed up even more (and pole plants won't ocassionally sink 1-2 feet down ;-). Although we maxed out our online rental reservations for Sunday, it looks like we still have a few pairs that will be available for walk ins (first come, first served), but we are completely out of ski boots in size 39 and 42 (Womens 7.5-8 / Mens 6-6.5, and Womens 10.5 / Mens 9). We also had a website issue with our online rentals for Monday, but have fixed it, resulting in more open spots that morning.

We had a bit more sunshine today than forecasted, which likely will cost us a day or two of skiing, but I'm hoping we'll at least be able to remain open through Monday morning. Tomorrow will be our 33rd day of local skiing--not anywhere near our best season of more than 60 days, but above average over our past 9 winters of grooming trails in Woodmoor. (When we get a storm like this last one in in late November/December, as we did the winter of 2015-16, that sets us up for a big, long local ski season).

It was great to see so many skiers out enjoying the local trails--thanks for supporting our nonprofit efforts!

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