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Yesterday’s fresh snow is groomed in

We picked up a couple new inches of snow between 7-11am yesterday. Since then, the skate lane was re-groomed on all 5 trails and should be nice today. We also moved some snow to a few thin sections of the green loop, but we need more snow for good coverage everywhere, due to the excessive wind with the last big storm. The snow depth was too thin in too many spots to reset classic tracks, but hopefully the fresh snow in the older tracks can be skied in.

A reminder: The outer black trail is still marked as a one-way only--for safety. A few people entered it at the 'trail closed' sign yesterday, which puts them at risk on the higher speed downhills that don't have a lot of snow coverage, and could melt out or get skied off during the day. (Having your skis stop when you are doing 25 mph is no fun!) We have this trail marked one-way so skiers are traveling uphill (and going slower) for these thin section. If you choose to ski the outer black trail (the correct way, from the middle blue 'fairway' loop), you still need to be careful at the beginning, which is a gradual downhill to a road crossing, where the snow is also thin. Once you cross St Andrew's, you are back on mostly good snow with grass underneath.

There's a slight chance for more snow later this week, but also a couple warmer days that could further melt out the trails and possibly cause an temporal trail closure (pending more snow).

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