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Temporarily closed, pending more snow

The ski trails were thin but great for skiing first thing this morning--especially for our second day of being open, and this early in December. Unfortunately, the snow quickly got sticky and started melting out in spots as we approached 50 degree temperatures today. The good news is that most of the trail sections that we rolled and groomed yesterday and today should continue to hold most of its snow (unless we get some crazy-warm days), and as soon as we get another decent snow-storm, we should be able to re-open. We also got all our rental gear unpacked, rental skis scraped, and all the rental equipment stored in the Golf Pro shop (our rental shop during the winter), so they will be ready to go as we get enough snow to re-groom and open the trails again.

As a seasonal reminder, our local ski trails can change very quickly given our front range location, and the best skiing is typically first thing in the morning, before the ambient temperature gets much above freezing. Also, as an all volunteer-run nonprofit organization, we do not staff the rental shop for walk-ins Monday-Friday (generally just weekends from 8am to ~11am), but rentals can usually be reserved 7 days a week, and one of us volunteers will meet you at the rental shop to help you get your rental gear so you can ski.

Finally, please help us politely educate anyone you see walking on the ski trails by letting them know that the groomed ski trails are for skiers only. We have a tough enough time counting on mother nature to give us the snow we need to operate a local Nordic center without also having to repair trail damage due to people walking down the middle of the trails...

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