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8-14” new snow, all 5 trails will open Sunday 9 am

We spent all afternoon rolling the super thick, wet, and deep snow on all five of our trails. Only got stuck a couple of times! We plan to start grooming the trails and setting classic tracks at 7 AM, and should have all five trails groomed and opened by 9 AM. The green, green-blue, and blue-black trails will be the first to be groomed and should be done closer to 8 AM. Keep in mind that with the amount of snow we got, classic skiing will be the best option until the skate lane firms up in another day or two. It will likely be like skate skiing in mashed potatoes if you decide to skate versus classic...

The Country Club at Woodmoor will have a delayed opening tomorrow to finish plowing out the parking lot, so day passes should be available after 9am (Woodmoor Nordic Members can access the trails earlier since they have a season pass and don't need to check in).

I'm working to get a volunteer available to staff our rental shop, and if I do, rental reservation will open on our website and walkins should be available from roughly 9-noon (rentals can be used beyond noon, that would just be the last opportunity to rent gear).

We should be able to get several days of local skiing out of this storm, and have a chance for more snow next week. Hope to see you on our local nonprofit ski trails!

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Thanks for all your work!

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