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Few thin spots developing, and potential trail closures in the next day or two…

The ski trail firmed up nicely for skiing today. However, the warmer temperatures and Colorado sunshine is starting to take a toll on the trails in a few spots. We will regroom in the morning, but a few thin grassy spots do you exist, and it may melt out in the next day or two. If you ski the blue or black loop, use caution, as some of these downhill that don't have grass underneath could become hazardous as the day progresses. We may have to temporarily close Wednesday or Thursday, but there's more snow due in this weekend, which should buy us some more local days. Speaking of days, tomorrow is day 25 of local skiing!

Finally, just as a mountain biker tries to avoid muddy trails so they don't damage it by leaving ruts, a skiers should try to stay off the trails when it's so warm that they are sinking in. In the past, we have closed the trails early to keep skiers off to eliminate trail damage. Our new grooming device seems to do a better job repairing these frozen ruts, but it is difficult, and takes more time for our volunteer groomers to do. As always, the best skiing is usually first thing in the morning, and once the outside temperature gets above 40 and the snow gets soft, the skiing gets sticky, and it is much more difficult for us to repair the trails when skiers are out there during the middle of the day when it is warm.

Thanks for supporting local skiing!

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